My story

My life has been quite varied since my childhood. As a child, I helped in my father’s small family business. International Engineering Fair in Brno was always the top for me, I loved it there. My father took me there since I was 12 years old. I also took a part in foreign business trips. I appreciate the fact that he did not tell me: „You are a little girl, you will stay home.“ He treated me as an adult, even though I was actually a child. Nevertheless, I liked the “adult life” very much. When I started to attend my high school, I worked for him three times a week as an assistant.
Later on, my foreign experiences began. In the second year of the high school I left to London where I attended a language school. After a graduation, I needed to practice my German skills, so I spent a month in a language school in Heidelberg. Then I participated on two internships in Mainz/Germany – first year in the Economic Chamber, second year in the Tourist Information Centre. Everything was a wonderful experience. Afterwards, I flew to Canada where I spent a couple of months as an au pair. I also did many volunteering jobs there. After I had finished my Bachelor’s degree in Prague, I decided to stop out my studies and leave for an annual au-pair stay in the USA. I wanted to devote myself to something very different from the study. I spent one year in the US and my responsibility was 1. taking care of three children and 2. attending a community college. It was a good and hard school of life that I appreciate very much. In all situations, I had to take care of myself. Suddenly my parents were not there and they could not solve everything what happened to me.
After returning from the US, I worked in one international company. However, I decided to complete my Master’s degree and returned back to the University of Economics in Prague. Nevertheless, from the first moment I knew it was not a good decision. I’m not a type of a person who can always learn „senseless“ information that is included in most of the Czech studies. I needed to learn something that makes sense and from people who are not “stuck” in an academic environment, but from those who are directly in real companies and have a lot to do with a practical life. Thus, I found several colleges in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland and sent them my applications. It was not an Erasmus or an exchange study program. I just decided to apply to an entire study program abroad – just as all the other students from all over the world. The admission procedure was long, I had to provide a lot of information about myself, my previous studies, internships, etc. I was very excited when I found out I was accepted in all colleges and I could even choose where to study. In the end, Switzerland was the winner.
Master’s study in Switzerland was not easy, but incredible! We had great teachers and amazing teams of students. Even if this study was challenging, it was much easier for me because I felt like a part of a team. Study in the Czech Republic was full of loneliness and learning with an only aim – memorizing tests and forgetting all that stuff right after completing the exams. Today I recall to my foreign studies with love. That is the reason why I decided to become an “ambassador” of foreign universities/colleges. I believe I will help a high number of Czech students to fulfill their dreams while deciding to study abroad.
Trust me! You can make it! Studying a complete study program abroad will bring you a huge number of great experience. There will not be “an army” of students from your country speaking the same language (Erasmus). New angles of view will be opened to you. You will not speak Czech, because you will be forced to use foreign languages. You will have to take care of yourself in all directions. You will learn that saying your opinion in not something wrong, contrarily – you will see it’s necessary to tell your own opinion and nobody laughs at you. You acquire critical thinking and solve all problems by yourself. In the end, when you hold your bachelor or master’s diploma, you will say that it was worth it and you will be proud of yourself. Studying at a foreign university and environment will create your future and it will bring you new opportunities in your professional life.